There are times when you just wished that you did not have to worry about your financial obligations, commitments, and budgeting and you could fly off to the destination that you have always longed for. After all, when you have worked all your life, you surely deserve to take a break at times. If you are mentally healthy, you can earn for several years to come. But rejuvenating yourself mentally and physically is a must too!

Here, in this article, let us focus on few aspects in the following order-

  • Planning your vacation
  • Working out the budget
  • Availing financial aid
  • Initiating the process of loan application and disbursal
  • Making arrangements and take off!


  1. Planning your vacation

At this stage, you need to decide whether it is the “Sun and the Sea”, “Sand dunes”, or “Snow”. Your imagination starts to run wild right from this moment itself and sets the stage for more excitement and thrill that is slated to follow. However, this stage is crucial too because the place or the type of vacation you opt for or intend to undertake will decide your budget.

  1. Working out the budget

Regardless of whether you have decided to soak your feet in the sand dunes, sea, sand, or snow, the cost differs remarkably. This is because the expense that you have to incur will be different for these destinations. When you are working out the budget, you can decide upon-

  1. Type of accommodation you want to opt for (Star category)
  2. Cost of tickets (Surface transport, Airfare, Railways, or Sea)
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Total number of passengers traveling
  5. Whether you have to buy essential items before the trip like medicines, and so on.
  6. You also have to assess your financial status at this point of time. In other words, how much cash do you have at your disposal for spending on the vacation?


  1. Availing financial aid

This is a crucial aspect that you have to deal with. If you find that you don’t have adequate cash at hand, you can always apply for financial aid in form of loans. It can be payday loans, or payday loans alternative like short term, personal loans, and so on.

Once you have decided the type of loan you want to avail, next is to zero-in on the right lender. Remember, it is best to work with a known lender, someone you have worked with earlier or your friends have worked with before so that you get first-hand information.

  1. Initiating the process of loan application and disbursal

Now that you have settled for the lender, discuss about the terms and conditions and start the documentation process for availing loan. While few lenders will require your credit score and credit history, others may be willing to deal with you without asking for any past credit history.

In fact, you will also come across many such lenders that work with individuals with bad credit history. However, for such deals, you might have to shell out a higher rate of interest, which acts as security for the lender.

You provide bank details, your employment status, social security number if required, and contact details. Most of the financial institutions disburse the loan amount within two business working days.

  1. Making arrangements and take off!

Once the loan amount reaches your bank account, you can start doing the bookings or buying the essentials that you might require for your journey. Make sure you are aware of the various regulations and norms pertaining to the travel agenda.

Aside from the above, you will be required to know a few things about the place you are visiting that might include, rules for tipping, restrictions in dress code especially while entering sacred places, local dialect, local etiquette and mannerism, how much currency you can carry on yourself, and so on.