Fashion has never been more important in the history of human civilization than it is in the world we exist. You are always on on the move and when you get to the important places you are going you want to look not only like you have been there before but you have completely owned the place. Want to look like you have rocked the world and people know it? These easy steps will make you a world leader, from the outside anyway!

  1. know where you want to go and why you wanna got there. Looking to have fun someplace like brazil or Portugal doesn’t mean you have to show up in a swim suit with floaties on your arms and a pair of crazy sunglasses. Fashion is how anyone can rule the world. Perhaps you’re not in paris for the clubs but for the street life at night. Dressing the part is as much of the role as being the part itself! Take your time and do yourself up. It’s the most intentional thing you can do to stay in style.
  2. Set yourself up for success by knowing now not to spend your cash on outfits that do not sell you the way you intend to be received. Keep that crazy flowing thing where it belongs and put yourself in the things you see on instagram and you will come off that way. The world is not so black and white in every way but when you show up to a party in last seasons style the world will notice. Keep up with trends and know where to put yourself with your personality. The same exact styles that you could be purchasing at a storefront are not the same deals you can find online. Look where other do not and keep yourself ahead of the fastest changing curb in human life.

Get your act and your look together when you shop kate spade for the style that says world traveler and be the person you always knew you were. Get back into your skin and do not let your wallet tell you it is not possible.