Now that people are able to travel the world again, it’s time to pick up that long-overdue trip to Amsterdam that you were forced to postpone for two years. You want to visit museums like the Moco Museum, but you want to save money while you do it. The idea of traveling to another country is not about spending large amounts of money, but about treasuring fun and unforgettable moments. The first thing you should know about is the “IAmsterdam” card. Imagine that for a certain number of hours you can access many attractions. In addition to visiting an Amsterdam museum, you can also travel by ferry, rent a bike, access events, etc. You get all this by paying a one time fee for a certain time. However, there are things you should consider before using this card.

What is the “IAmsterdam” card all about?

People who visit this iconic city are attracted by the different artistic expressions you can come across. The government of the Netherlands has created the “IAmsterdam” card intending to motivate tourists to visit the city. When you have unlimited access to a large number of places, it is inevitable to feel the desire to buy the card. There are many companies, museums, and attractions that are part of the agreement on this card. Try to spend a couple of hours looking at the options you have access to when you buy this card, as some parts of Amsterdam may not be included. Keep in mind that you will have from 24 hours to 120 hours to enjoy your card, including the time you use for sleeping and eating.

Limitations of this card

The “IAmsterdam” card gives you access to countless places, but only if there are tickets or quotas available. If you decide to use the card during the high season, you probably cannot access many places unless you have made a reservation. If you want to know more about how this system works, you can get more information on the card’s website as well as on the website of each museum, restaurant, etc. It is your full responsibility to be aware of these limitations so you could lose your money if you buy the card in high season and have not made a reservation. You must also respect the rules of each space. Some museums do not allow access to certain types of clothing. Although it is logical to say it, you cannot be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or smoking in these spaces.