Even though the national economy has been growing by the day in the years following the Great Recession, Florida is growing at a faster rate than many states. With six industries responsible for a major part of the GDP growth of the state, people from all over the country are heading south to find work which is still unavailable in their home states. If you are looking for a friend who moved to Florida to find employment, the following information might give you a place to begin.

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Florida’s Booming Economy

Consider for just a moment that the economy in Florida is projected to reach the $15 trillion mark, and if that doesn’t set off a bell or two, it might help to compare that to entire nations around the world. In fact, if at the end of 2018 Florida does hit that mark, it will have reached an economy larger than most nations with only 15 countries topping that mark.

Why would your friend move to Florida? That’s why! There are jobs to be found there and although you may not know exactly where your friend has settled, there are ways to find them if you know where to look.

Geography as It Relates to a People Search

While it is important to have a rough idea where that person has relocated to, geography isn’t as large a factor as you might assume. The first thing you may wish to consider before looking at parts of the state where you think they might be, is the type of work they are seeking. If they are in hospitality, places like Orlando and South Beach in Miami might be a good starting point. However, even then, most of the tourist industry is located along the coastline of Florida and only Alaska has a longer shoreline.

But, who would want to move to Alaska if they were in the hospitality industry? It’s way too cold there most of the year. The bulk of Florida’s tourist trade is located along 1,350 miles of shoreline where most, if not all, of the big cities are. So then, geography plays a part if you know what industry your friend is looking for employment in.

Public Records Are a Key Component

If you are tempted to look through the FL white pages in those major tourist hotspots, don’t bother wasting your time. There are simply too many highly populated cities to peruse. That being said, a people search engine like Intelius is able to simultaneously search the white pages in literally every area of Florida and if they have a listed phone, you might be in luck. However, there is a much more effective way to find someone living and working in Florida and that would be public records like those issued by the Florida DMV.

The law requires anyone working in Florida to have state issued ID within 10 days of becoming a resident. Intelius can find that information instantly if they have registered in the State and without going through all the red tape you would be faced with. The point is, with such a mobile population, it can be difficult to locate someone in Florida, so why not enlist the help of Intelius to yield results within moments? For the fastest and most accurate results, let Intelius do the searching for you. You could be talking to your friend this very afternoon and that’s something to look forward to.