If you were bored to visit museums only and buy a foreign country, if you are looking for something more fun and energetic, follow our travel proposals with activities in every corner of the Earth that will remain unforgettable to you. You have to try one of the following activities until you close the second one because you probably do not …

10.Fishing in the icy waters of Canada

If you’ve ever wanted to fish from an ice hole, you’ll be able to do it in Ontario, Canada. Travel to Algoma at the northern edge of Lake Sumperor, take out your paraphernalia and wait until something delicious is caught on your hook to bake it on an improvised fire.

9.Skydiving in England

The freefall of 3.5 thousand meters is not an easy thing. However, if you have a trained instructor and get it with you, falling off the plane can be fun, as you will not have to worry about when it’s time to open the parachute.

8.Ride with camels in Morocco

You are not meant to go to Africa and especially to Morocco without visiting the Sahara desert. The only way, basically, is to do it with the camels and follow the caravans through Jebel Sagro to Erd Sephi. Every night you camp in small oases, beneath palm trees, beside the smoldering fire.

7.Journey with a machine on LA’s First Avenue.

The landscapes that you are going through a Los Angeles machine in San Francisco are just magical. Immense villas, sandy beaches, idyllic mountains are just some of the most interesting shows on the way.

6.Hiking in Everest

Trekking on the southern base of Everest in Nepal is an adventure that will be memorable. Start from Kathmandu and then follow the road to Lucca and the Kubu valley. The view of the snow-capped mountain peaks will take your breath away, the small villages and the bazaars at Damascus will impress you, and you will feel awe when you come across Buddhist monasteries on your way.

5.Walk to the Great Wall

The Great Wall stretches over 10,139 kilometers (from Sanaiwan to Lop Nur) and is the largest, long, human work. It is the most pleasant way to get to know the culture of the country and admire the wonderful landscapes you will encounter on the route. Your physical condition, of course, must be perfect for you to get around this distance.

4.Exploration in Machu Picchu

Walking in the Peruvian Andes (almost 45 km long), you will meet the wondrous ruins of the city of Incas, Machu Picchu. It is truly a life experience as you will be impressed by the architecture of ancient civilization in the jungle. The ruins of Machu Picchu are one of the seven new wonders of the world, according to last year’s vote by people around the globe.

3.Hunting with bulls in Spain

The annual San Fermin festival in Pamplona gathers the world’s gaze. About six bulls are left free on the road and people run and hide in the alleys to save. Although it sounds somewhat … masochistic, the run you throw to escape the furious bulls stirs – in the good sense – your holidays.

2.Cage diving in South Africa

Forget the shark jaws. You will be in a cage with a bottle of oxygen on your back and the nice and dear shark will walk around you, showing his white and sharp teeth. But he can not touch you and you will have a shocking experience that will raise as much as adrenaline.

1.Vacation in Bali

Leave everything behind, turn off your cell phone and have the time of your life while staying in one of the 5 stars hotels in Bali and enjoying all the comforts. Do nothing else but relax and enjoy all the beauty of the Indonesian culture.