The continent of Europe has some of the best locations for tourists and travellers. There is a wide range of interest and taste that the continent has to offer, from the blue coastline to the mountainous regions, and from the various cultural points of view to the vast varieties of drinks and food based on the lifestyle of the different countries. However, most popular travel destinations like France, Germany, Italy, and the likes will require a substantial amount to foot the bills.

Nevertheless, some fantastic places in Europe are affordable, and you can have fun within your budget. As you plan your trip to Europe, check out BritainReviews to learn what you would expect from your proposed destination from reviews by those who have visited those locations. Also, consider different travel insurance reviews as you plan your trip to any of these holiday destinations in Europe.

Now, here are 5 of the best affordable locations in Europe to have fun within your budget:

1.  Bulgaria

According to some reviews, Bulgaria may not be on your top list in your plans to travel and explore Europe, but it is a hidden paradise. The country offers some fantastic scenery, especially along the countryside with its mount, which provides a tremendous opportunity for hikers. Hikers favour the Central Balkans National Park, which is one of the prime local attractions. With prices for hotels, transportation, and feeding far below what you will get in Western Europe, it is affordable for those on a budget.

2.  Romania

The home of the vampire legend Count Dracula, Romania, is a historic city that offers a lot to the imagination. Here you will find a trace of ancient histories that span as far back as the 14th century. One of the catches in Romania is that most of the historical places such as the Town Revolution Square and the Romania Own Arch of Triumph are accessible for tourists.

Transportation is very cheap in Romania, and the locals are welcoming. In Romania, you may not have to visit any fancy supermarkets or restaurants as you can easily enjoy the meals from the locals that are fresh and affordable. Before choosing Romania as your travel destination, read reviews to learn how to move safely and the best places to stay and visit.

3.  Poland

In our list of the best affordable destinations in Europe, Poland may be expensive, but it is still within the budget of affordability. The main cities of Krakow and Warsaw have some of the best places you will find in Europe, and they provide amazing sights for tourists and their picturesque environment. In Poland, you will find that most historical and tourist attractions are cheap or free to visit. Thus that will reduce the cost of your travels. Also, the locals are welcoming, and you will find cheap and affordable guesthouses and food.

4.  Montenegro

Montenegro is not as famous as other countries in Europe and one that many may find difficult to pinpoint on the map because it is a relatively new country. Founded in 2006, they have focused on tourism, making it a prime location for those on a budget. The food is cheap and healthy, and you can have an excellent time at their fantastic scenery, which looks like paradise. Some countries in Europe, like Russian, enjoy visa-free visits to the country.

As you plan your next visit to Europe, certain things like going during the less peak period and avoiding popular places to reduce cost. These locations may not be as popular as prime locations like France and Germany, but they have unique places and features that will make your travel.