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How to Achieve the Best Decorative Concrete

Stamped concrete can be a beautiful addition to any property. If you are not careful about how you go about doing this though, your property will end up looking unsightly. Until the slab has been washed and waiting for sealing, this is when most of the contractors notice the problems and this is why you need to make sure that you do not miss any spots during the process. These scenarios have been experienced by the best contractors and they know how to prevent them and this is why you should only consider the experienced contractors. We have listed below some of the tricks you could use to make sure that you achieve the best textures. First, you need to stamp early. You do not need a tamper as you will need to just walk on the stamps into the surface if you start stamping early.

The other thing you could do is reduce the evaporation by setting the retarders. It is possible to assume that the slab has already become hard enough just because you can see that it has crusted. However, once you start stamping on the surface, you will realize that you are sinking because the crust is cracking. So that you keep the top from drying prematurely, you will need to apply evaporation retarder. Retarders usually slow down the evaporation process so that you the slab is properly textured.

The next thing you need to do is make sure that the slab is crawled. All you need to do is send a few people out on kneeboards just before the stamping begins. The surface is going to be worked up because of the weight as well as the vigorous floating of the slab. Stamping becomes easier because the slab will be having the same consistency throughout. You will easily get the results you want this way. You can always save the situation by rolling the surface especially if the slab starts to get ahead of you. Texture is easily gotten like this.

Stamping the slab could be done using shoes that are textured as one of the best ways. Do not expect any straps or buckles on stamping shoes and they use friction to be held in place. You will easily walk over the concrete without sinking since the weight of the wearer spreads over a large area. Starting in the middle moving out is the best way to approach the stamping situation. This technique ensures that there are no different textures on the slab and the stamping will be more uniform this way at both ends. However, you will need to have more stamps than normal if you go with this approach but you will have consistent texture throughout.

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