If you are looking for an unusual activity to do for an EVG, a team building, to spend a good time with friends or family, the escape game is the activity for you! The concept? Successfully escape from a room in a limited time (usually 60 minutes). In a team of 2 to 6 players, you will have to combine your logic and observation skills to solve the different puzzles. At the moment there are more than 230 establishments to try the adventure, there must surely be one close by from home or at the place of your vacation.

We Have Tested The Escape Game For You!

Fans of puzzles and games, we love escapes rooms, and experts have already overcome four rooms without any problem. The sets are always much worked which puts you immediately in the mood: yes we get caught very quickly at the game (sometimes too much, it happened to experts to fly in the feathers, the pressure of the stopwatch surely). Attention 60 minutes in an escape room pass very quickly; there is not a minute to lose. If you block on an enigma do not panic, the game master can give you clues so you can continue your quest. The trapped Calgary – Escape60 games are perfect in this case.

The tips of the owls to go out in time:

The communication between partners is essential. Speak among yourself; say aloud the objects you find, the elements that you think are important.

There are many objects (sometimes useless) in an escape game, gather them in one place to lose nothing. We remember having lost more than 5 minutes in a room because we had lost a piece of capital paper to solve an enigma.

Without revealing your secrets of master games, how is the creation of an escape room?

According to the theme, ideas come quickly. The most complex is the creation of the mechanisms themselves. You can call on all your employees. Besides many teams have a great genius in the field. From the moment you start writing the screenplay and the opening of the room, you can expect an average of 6 to 8 weeks.

Yes it is true that Challenge

The Room has grown well, thanks to the community of players that continues to grow and the franchise development. Also, as a precursor in the escape game, the companies now intend to stay ahead in the field and are already working on several projects to make the experience even better. We cannot say everything, but the little secret info concerns the “Mixed Reality.” You will need the brains and the luck to win the situation and come up being victorious in every way.

The location of Escape 60 is in Calgary at 1638 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0J5 (Get directions)

You can book your trapped experience by phone: (587) 430-0880.