It can not be denied in recent years that there has been many inventions that has changed the way we travel. Whether it is a sand free mat to a different type of neck pillow, we definitely have got you covered! Our list of favourite modern gadgets to have whilst travelling will make you rethink the way you are using your current items at the moment.

To stay ahead, have a browse through below.

Sand Free Mat

Are you not fed up of trying to relax on the beach, and yet your beach towel always become the sand pit itself? No matter how much you try to keep your area clean, it is inevitable that you may always find those specks of sand, and eventually in your suitcase! Well, now you know about CGear sand-free beach mats, which is based on helicopter landing mats in deserts. You would find that the sand would fall through the mesh, which means you do not need to shake your towel at any moment!

Neck pillows

Sometimes, you may find that you don’t have much room left in your luggage for an essential item. Well, in the case of this travel neck pillow, you will not have this problem anymore as it is only 200g in weight compared to your bulky neck pillow! The TRTL pillow reworks the traditional design of the neck pillow into a fleece design to wrap your neck, and a velcro strap to keep it in place. With support to rest your chin from your shoulder, it is no wonder this modern invention has made it on this list.

Reading tablets

Without a doubt, this has changed the lives of many book lovers. Gone are the days of having a luggage filled with bulky books, and risking the chance of going over the luggage weight limit. Now, we have reading tablets that downloads the many book contents into one item! The best part is, it is lightweight too so we do not need to worry about the book being heavy in our bags as well.

Language apps

Before mobile application came into place, various travellers would surf the internet to learn the basic language, or even buy a language book of the country they are visiting to manage their daily travels needs. Nowadays, we have many free language apps such as Duolinguo where you can learn on the go when you manage to have the time. This means you do not need to spend money or waste time surfing around trying to find out what you need to know.


Last but not least, the modern smartphone we have nowadays deserves to be on the list. We do not need to worry about bringing an IPod, CD and DVD player, or a digital camera anymore on our travels to keep ourselves entertained. Now, it is all integrated in one place on a smartphone. With various apps such as Spotify for music, and Netflix for TV and film entertainment, life has certainly become more easy now.

So, whether it is abroad or even a short trip in your country, with all these modern gadgets that has been invented in recent years, there has no doubt that it has changed the way we travel. Most of all, it gives us more space in the luggage for other essentials, and souvenirs from our travels! Dragging around a luggage has never been made easier.