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A multicultural metropolis that has maintained an unpretentious international village like ambience, Berlin is one of the most historically significant cities in the world. Berlin’s tangible history is manifest in the countless museums located across the city which delineate both global and local history in the form of exhibitions and galleries in addition to the streets that tell a story about Germany’s past. When staying with in Berlin, discover the rich history of this city.

Neues Museum

Formerly a ruin after it sustained bombing during 1945, the Neues Museum was repaired and rebuilt by British architect David Chipperfield. In addition to the story told through original walls, textural details and almost lost frescos, Neues Museum contains renowned artefacts such as a Neanderthal Skull, Heinrich Schliemann’s Trojan antiquities and a bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

Cost: Adults €10, concessions €5, under-19s free.

Bauhaus Museum

Although Berlin isn’t often grouped with London, Paris and New York, the city has long been a centre for creativity and design. Berlin is the spiritual home of Bauhaus, one of the most influential schools of architecture, art and design in the 20th century. Featuring original sculptures, ceramics and furniture, Bauhaus is the apotheosis of architectural …

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If you were bored to visit museums only and buy a foreign country, if you are looking for something more fun and energetic, follow our travel proposals with activities in every corner of the Earth that will remain unforgettable to you. You have to try one of the following activities until you close the second one because you probably do not …

10.Fishing in the icy waters of Canada

If you’ve ever wanted to fish from an ice hole, you’ll be able to do it in Ontario, Canada. Travel to Algoma at the northern edge of Lake Sumperor, take out your paraphernalia and wait until something delicious is caught on your hook to bake it on an improvised fire.

9.Skydiving in England

The freefall of 3.5 thousand meters is not an easy thing. However, if you have a trained instructor and get it with you, falling off the plane can be fun, as you will not have to worry about when it’s time to open the parachute.

8.Ride with camels in Morocco

You are not meant to go to Africa and especially to Morocco without visiting the Sahara desert. The only way, basically, is to do it with the camels …

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Fashion has never been more important in the history of human civilization than it is in the world we exist. You are always on on the move and when you get to the important places you are going you want to look not only like you have been there before but you have completely owned the place. Want to look like you have rocked the world and people know it? These easy steps will make you a world leader, from the outside anyway!

  1. know where you want to go and why you wanna got there. Looking to have fun someplace like brazil or Portugal doesn’t mean you have to show up in a swim suit with floaties on your arms and a pair of crazy sunglasses. Fashion is how anyone can rule the world. Perhaps you’re not in paris for the clubs but for the street life at night. Dressing the part is as much of the role as being the part itself! Take your time and do yourself up. It’s the most intentional thing you can do to stay in style.
  2. Set yourself up for success by knowing now not to spend your cash on outfits that do not
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Vacation is what for which we people wait as there are so many relaxations and fun in it. It is true that most of our days in year are spent either in school, college, and office, but in school and college there will be holidays for at least one month or minimum of 10 days, whereas in some offices there will be no vacation and for few there will be a mandatory vacation which can be availed but the days they provide is minimum. So it will be good to plan the holidays perfectly long before.

Now, you should look for the right travel agency who will help you with the perfect plan with discounts and offers, so that you can save money and such travel agency is Maine who will assist you in having economical journey. They are not intended only for families but also for friends who love travel, whereas they also provide you caravan facility but at additional cost. There are various resorts with which they have tie up, while the favorite and interesting resort is Atlantis. With this travel agency you can have a calm and excellent vacation as you dreamt with more fun and entertainment.…

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