Understanding canyoning

Canyoning is an extreme  activity of climbing a cliff with a single roof technique or better known as rappelling and ascending in a waterfall. The single roof technique is a way of how these sportsmen use a rope as a mean to climb and descend the waterfall.

Canyoning is an activity that is classified as free exercise. This type of exercise is based on the search for rivers, canyons/valleys, and waterfalls that combines various techniques. An easy example is canyoning Soca.

But, it’s not arbitrary to do this activity; special expertise is needed to successfully carry out  this activity.

 What is Needed?

Canyoning is an independent scientific discipline that summarizes a number of techniques at once such as climbing, down cliffs (rappelling), swimming, and cliff jumping. In certain conditions, diving can  also be part of it.

Basically, the equipment needed to do canyoning is more or less same as the equipment used for climbing cliffs. You have to know how to use the tool to climb and descend the cliff by using ascenders and descenders.

These  activities take place in mountain and in the cold water, therefore these extreme sports players must be careful about hypothermia attacks. Moreover, nutritional intake is advised by the activisties. But in the canyoning Soca, you don’t need to worry because the company Altizude activities will prepare everything needed.

Selection of Canyoning Places

There are many waterfalls in the canyoning Soca area, but not all are aproporiate for this activity. . Moreover, the ideal location is the mouth of the waterfall and it must be wide with not too heavy water discharge. Although the extreme of canyoning sports has been a lot of it, especially rock climbers who want to find new sensations and challenges by climbing man down the cliff at the waterfall.

In this case, canyoning Soca is one of the best selections for you. By booking this activity, you will enjoy the natural scenery that is extraordinarily beautiful and rarely can be seen by ordinary people. In the canyoning Soca, you will also get amazing scenery of the great Kozjak waterfall.

During the canyoning Soca you will be guided by  very expert and officially certified guides. They will also take pictures of your canyoning Soca trip.

If you are interested in canyoning Soca, just contact the Altitude activities by sending ane-mail to [email protected] or by calling  on +386 70 138 811.