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Important Functions for Small Business Payroll Software

Due to the many benefits of small business paycheck software, you just have to deploy it! The system computerizes several payroll functions and processes, such as employee onboarding, direct salary deposit, and the computation of state and federal taxes. Let’s look at such payroll software functions in detail:

Tax Processing

Any great payroll software must be able to support tax processing at local, state, and federal levels. Courtesy of this function, you can avoid the daunting task of perusing through tax tables each pay period, or the untenable costs of hiring an accountant to do your small company’s payroll taxes. If you need to hold back and deposit taxes, payroll software can simplify the process as well as minimize errors.

Staff Self-Service

Be sure to order a payroll system that features employee self-onboarding. The portal enables workers to supply certain payroll information that’s important to computations. Likewise, staff may use the software to explore or print their payroll records. An employee may also revisit their withholding or banking details if the system allows them to. Your staff will for sure love the clarity the self-service platform delivers with regard to the processing of salaries, but it’s you who will benefit the most from the ensuing elimination of stressful paperwork, manual records, and waste of time.

Multiple Payment Modes

When you consider how you’re currently paying your employees every week or month without using a payroll system, you’ll want to upgrade right now! The right system upgrade will let you pay your staff electronically, with direct deposit being a common such option. The good thing with direct deposit is it allows you to send wages directly to the bank accounts of your staff without having to output and supply paychecks. Likewise, it’s not unheard of for payroll software to include pay cards as supported digital payment alternatives. You just prepay an employee’s pay card with their salary, and in turn the employee uses the payment means just like a debit card. Take into account that payroll programs may have a function to support direct paycheck generation, avoiding check hand-writing or the need to install two separate computer programs.

Technical Support

You’ll need technical assistance from the developers of your payroll system especially when it comes to its deployment as well as use. If there are questions you’ve got regarding use of the system, you should be able to get useful answers when you need them. So, determine if your payroll software provider has customer service representatives who can be reached via phone, email, or online chat, to help with the transition as well as long-term user complications. For sure, small business payroll software is worth the investment!

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